eps, qm, and coexistence migration

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hello list,

has anyone implemented enterprise-wide profitability system (eps) and
quality management in one world (xe)? would appreciate hearing what you've
done, and some tips on getting it implemented, prerequisites.

also, is anyone using advanced warehousing? kindly enlighten us on how you
are using it.

thanks very much in advance.

melo portugal
united laboratories
manila, philippines

currently on a73 cum 8 moving to a73 cum 11
will migrate to one world xe in coexistence mode feb 2001
(i.e. one enterprise server - as400, finance in one world, mfg &
distribution to gradually be migrated from world to one world over a 6-8
month horizon, will utilize netfinity deployment and terminal servers, and
use citrix metaframe)
currently running most finance modules, sales order management, purchasing,
mfg (shopfloor, mrp, mps)