is there a recommended sequence in deploying modules in finance?

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hello list.

in january 2001, we will plan to migrate our jde world applications (a73
cum 8 now, going cum 11) to one world, in coexistence mode. this means we
will first migrate finance, manufacturing next, and distribution last.

currently we are running most modules in finance, we run shopfloor, mps,
mrp in mfg, purchasing and sales order management.

in the plan as well is to implement quality management, and enetrprise
profitability systems.

given such a brief backgrounder, would anybody have a suggestion on how we
should structure the migration --- would you recommend certain sequence for
migrating the different applications? in finance for example --- is there a
natural sequence for implementing gl, ap, a/r, fixed assets, budgeting?

also, the way our business is structured, we have a main compound that
houses our biggest manufacturing facility and warehouse. we then have a few
subsidiaries, some with their own mfg and warehouse.

we are planning to first migrate finance, all modules, in the main compund,
and then finance in the subsidiaries. then we go mfg, then the new
applications (quality management and enterprise profitability systems), and
then distribution (basically advanced warehousing) also in main compund
first, then subsidiaries next.

would anyone have any opinion on the correctness or flaws of this planned
migration model?

thanks very much in advance.

melo portugal
united laboratories
manila, philippines

I've seen clients do the following:

Phase 1. A/P and G/L
Phase 2. Distribution and A/R
Phase 3. Manufacturing

Some will do 2 and 3 together. Some do the big bang and go live with all
modules at once.


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Re: RE: is there a recommended sequence in deploying modules in finance?

Our company brought up A/R, A/P & G/L all at once and then the distribution modules after the dust settled from the first project.

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4