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E9.2 Enable Grid Column


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We currently have code that works successfully to disable a current row in P4210 and to enable the reason code. However after migrating to 9.2 this code no longer works. The grid record is successfully disabled, the columns are locked, but the enabling of the reason code column no longer works. Are there any changes within 9.2 that would not allow this code to work anymore? Thanks in advance
02453 | | Set Grid Cell Error(FC Grid, <Currently Selected Row>, GC ReasonCode, "55RC")
02454 | | //
02455 | | //
02456 | | //
02457 | | Disable Grid(FC Grid, <Currently Selected Row>, <All Columns>)
02458 | | Enable Grid(FC Grid, <Currently Selected Row>, GC ReasonCode)
02459 | | VA evt_ActionCode_Error [EV01] = "1"


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There may be pristine code some place else that is disabling it after you enable it. A search through ER code for that field may not provide any additional insight because it may not be that exact field, there may be code that disables all columns on the row, then selectively re-enables them.

I don't think the following is applicable to P4210 but I'll note it none the less just in case some of this design was introduced into P4210.

There are C BSFN APIs that can set APPL control properties as well, defined in \system\include\jdepropwrap.h. Again don't think this is used in P4210, but it is used extensively in P42101 so its possible some of this was introduced into P4210. P42101 uses the MVC design pattern (Model View Controller) and there are controller C BSFNs for the P42101 forms and subforms. In those C BSFNs they will change all sorts of P42101 control properties, so if you try and modify the control properties in P42101 or one of its subforms by changing control properties in ER code your code may not work because the same control may have its properties set in a C BSFN. When setting control properties in P42101 and related subforms it is better to modify the controller C BSFNs than using ER code in P42101 to set control properties.