Email csv output through Create!form

Shahid Equbal


I have come across a requirement where in users want csv report output emailed. Since we employ the form software Create!Form (version 6.3), I was exploring the possibility of accomplishing this through create!form. We are on JDE Xe and conceptually I thought this could be done by Create!form transform and Create!email, but I am not sure how. We are already sending PDFs through email and emailing csv is the new functionality we are looking to implement.
Any pointers in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Shahid E
In your Cdirector project you will do the following;

- Ctransform to extract data from PDF and write to CSV file in the required format

- Send (write) the result (CSV file) to a file location

- Send email message, attaching the CSV file to the email

Thanks a lot for the response. We followed the same approach and its working now!. Thanks for your help.

Shahid E
Hello KSwaeby,
Do we need to use JTT to ectract data from PDF to CSV or just use File Converter (Transform) to get the data in CSV. Thanks in advance
I would make a Ctransform project (.ctp6) to do the extract of data from JDE PDF. Ctransform projects are called from Cdirector projects (.cdp6).