Electronic payments/Electronic fund transfer

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Will you share with me how you are processing electronic payments or
electronic funds transfer? Are you using 3rd party software for any part of

Thank you for any light you may shine on this subject.

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My client got software from their bank which will import text or Excel
files. Most banks will have something that they require. The bank, of
course, is the channel for the EFT transactions and will only have one way
to allow those. So you should start there....

Within JDE, I set up the payment instrument for those vendors that desire
EFT payments, modified the check register program that is used by JDE for
that payment instrument. It calls a custom program which writes the records
into a file for download. I had to set some options in JDE as to which
programs to use and had to make sure the document types were allowed. Once
that was done and tested...
* Obtain and enter bank information for vendors that desire EFT's
* The client calls for checks in the normal manner.
* Those that are EFT are put into a separate group because of the
payment instrument and have a separate report.
* When posted, the register creates the text file which is then
manually downloaded to the PC for import into the banks software and
transmitted to the bank using the modem on that PC.
* EFT's in JDE look and work the same as checks but have a different
document type and therefore are seen differently.

Hope this helps.....

David Ransdell

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I am working in the french market place and within it We are used to
implement One World with CERG-XRT products for electronic funds transfer
or treasury management (they are JDE 3rd party certified provider )
they have also a strong position in the french market place.

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