Enabling RCSI

Michelle D.

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This Sunday, 7 FEB, we are planning to enable RCSI in our PROD environment. It would be extremely helpful to hear about any other "go-live" experiences. Below are some questions we have. Would anyone be kind enough to share your experience with us? Thank you in advance!


  • Did users experience any slowness in the system immediately after RCSI was enabled?
  • Did batch jobs take longer to process immediately after RCSI was enabled?
  • Did you experience slowdown when updating existing rows immediately after enabling RCSI?
  • Do you use any third party software that connects to the JDE_PRODUCTION database and if so, was there any change in performance?
Database size:
  • What is the size of your JDE_PRODUCTION (Business Data) database? (Ours is 2 terabytes)
  • How much did JDE_PRODUCTION grow after RCSI was enabled (approximately)?
  • What is the size of TEMPDB? (Ours 352G)
  • On average, how much more TEMPDB is used now that RCSI is enabled.
  • How many rows are in your F0911 table? (We have 153 million)
Configuration / Admin

  • We use transactional replication with JDE_PRODUCTION as publisher. Are you replicating and if so, have you seen any impact on replication?
  • Do you have any processes that update millions of rows (like marking records to be purged) and if so, do you have any special procedures surrounding them?
  • Please confirm the JDE.INI settings are as follows:
Enterprise Server:
WEB Server:
Hello Michelle, Did you go with RCSI? did you hear from anybody? were there any issues? Thanks for any response.
Yes, we did enable RCSI and it was the best decision! We had no issues with the go-live (or since) and it completely resolved all of our extensive blocking issues. I would highly recommend it!
I don't know why Oracle just does not list RCSI as a DB configuration pre-requ for JDE database on SQL. It seems to be nothing but improvement in performance specifically around blocking.