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Hi Everybody,
I have received the technical specifications from a local bank for their requested EFT format.
Most bank files I have worked with contain a header, detail and total section. The total section displays the grand total and the number of invoices paid.

The requirement for this format is that the header line contains the grand total and number of invoices paid.

Standard R04572 (and most (all?) derivatives) read the database sequentially and accumulate the totals. Is anybody aware of an R04572 derivative that calculates the grand totals first and then writes the detail lines? I could use that particular UBE as a starting point for development instead of trying to mod R04572.

Apologies for posting this thread in two forums as the subject is functional as well as technical.

TIA for any suggestions,
I suppose there's no chance your organization can tell that bank to go pound sand?
Hi Sef, we've done a few Australasian banks but I can't recall one with header totals - which bank is this?
It's NAB. Their domestic currency format is standard R04572OZ but their FX transactions via NAB Connect are completely different
I did a NAB Connect UBE, it didn't require a total in the header, unless you are doing multiple payments to the same account...
I did a NAB Connect UBE, it didn't require a total in the header, unless you are doing multiple payments to the same account...

I found that the banks format is simply the banks format and it costs way less to provide the file in their standard format.
I have done these files for a couple of banks that asked for the batch total in the header of the transmission file and i have used two methods. The first method is my preference as I now a total amount in the F0457 and makes it easier to locate the correct files if there are issues.

Method 1: Modified the Check Writer UBE (R04572T2 or whatever) to update the record in the F0457 file with the batch total in the KMAA field. Then when creating the transmission file to the bank, this amount was inserted into the header record for the banks transmission file. Then after the payment details were written, the header total was compared to the total of the detail payment amounts and error generated if incorrect.

Method 2: Read through the file once to calculate total, then again to write the detail, again comparing the two total amounts to make sure they are correct.
I have done these payments where the totals were requested in the header of the file. Method 1 is my preferred method as I now have totals in the F0457 file making it easier to locate the correct payment files when there are issues.

Method 1: Modify the writer program (R04572T2) So that after it has calculated the totals, to write them to the F0457 file in the KMPTPE and KMAA fields. This UBE already calculates these figures to write to the batch footer records. Then when you create the transmission files to the bank, you are most likely using the F0457 file as the primary file to determine which files have not been sent, you pick up these totals along with the MemberId, etc. Write the totals to the header in the transmission file, then after the detail is written to the transmission file, compare the two totals to confirm they are correct.

Method 2: Read through the payments in the F04572OW file twice, once to calculate the totals and another to write the details.

I am in the middle of writing an EFT interface to the NAB. I tried to send you a PM, but you inbox is full. Please send me a PM with your email address.