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We are trying to automate the receipt of inbound customer orders using the 850 document. We can get the orders to the F47011/F47012 files but need a method of automaticly moving them to the F4201/F4211 files with out any human intervention.

Or server is an AS/400.

We are looking at changing the R47011 batch program to make this happen. We feel then we could run the RUNUBE from the AS/400 to move the orders.

We have also looked at using the scheduler but shudder at the thought of running several jobs at 1 minute intervals.

Are there any other options or suggestions?

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Regrets that this is neither a suggestion, nor an option
but a heads-up. The was a recent thread _here_ about
RUNUBE not working on the AS/400 for R47011 due to
R47011 calling an interactive version (P4210).

Check the forum for RUNUBE NOT SUPPORTED ON AS/400
for the gory details.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client