EDI for Transfer Orders


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My apologies up front as I'm not very familiar with EDI processing.

One of our branches uses a Third Party Shipping company for customer orders. As part of the process, the 3PL is responsible for sending inventory to one of our stores. Our current process is to use Excel to send the order to them. Then, we copy/paste into Excel to do an IT. The physical transfer may not happen until hours later (and the receipt of the order may be even further).

So we are reviewing options to potentially use an ST/OT process.

My thought is creating an outbound EDI with the ST information. Then, the 3PL sends a confirmation and/or changes (like the lot number or quantity) which would allow us to ship confirm the order automatically. Using a different EDI number, this confirmation would also serve to do the inventory receipt which we could process the next day. (This would allow the "on order" to continue to show as "on order" versus putting it right into the store inventory.

Additionally, we transfer inventory to another company, but use a unique version of ST/OT. In this case, i would want to follow the same process except I NOT want to receipt the item as it would be receipted by the other company.

Am I way off base on the capabilities? Is some or any available? Or is there another idea we could use?
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