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The standard E1 Page design & generation process is really out of middle ages. This tool would bring it into the 21st century with convenient GUI ;-)

A free download is now available from our website.

PS: It requires a local JDE Fat/Dev Client for APPL/UBE name lookups + local Administrator rights.
No download in the post, no link to download in the post (but you're not supposed to post URL's, so fair enough)
Finally found you website from the URL in your signature (apparently that is allowed)
No download on the downloads page, both inquire and download take me to an inquiry form. No screenshots or information other than vague marketing-speak.

Presumably it is a paid product, or a demo, and that would make inappropriate to be posted in this forum I believe.
- Freeware or open source files only.
- Do not post URLS.
- Software that will eventually become commercial-ware should not be uploaded.

This is indeed something that could be very useful, but you're not helping yourself, and fat client based probably kills it for us.
Thank you for your interest.

You stopped just a step away from the download: that form was it. It e-mails you the link once submitted. It's actually a different form from the inquiry one. And yes, it does not have the actual link there on the page itself, that's correct.

No, this is actually a full free product, your assumption is not correct. But yes, we will be making a commercial version of it with extended functionality later on.

Fat Client requirement is really only for looking up the available APPL's, UBE's, Versions and Forms at this stage. And that can be a virtual one too. Give it a try anyway...
Added a screenshot to the webpage and looking at removing the Fat Client requirement in the next update. Thanks for the suggestions ;-)

PS: Always looking for good feedback, do not hesitate to comment...
Please, be advised that we have just released an important update, which fixes a few bugs and introduces a few new features, the most important one is that it would now communicate with JDE via XML by default, which requires no local JDE client installation. A local Fat Client connection can still be enabled as an option. Please note that JDE will need to have enabled and configured XML kernels on the target Enterprise Server and you will need to know that server’s name and port number to connect to it.

Note that while XML kernels are now enabled by default, JDE setup program on iSeries/AS/400 does not create a necessary folder named “output” under the JDE SYS LIB, so you may need to do this first.
Hi Alex,
thank you very much. It looks nice. I know your products and they are excellent.
Can you help me?
When I am playing with E1 Page Designer, in preview view are names of task not converted to final name. Still only task name. It is normal, or bug?

Have a nice day

Thanks! Sure, we'll look into this a bit deeper. What happens is that the preview shows the HTML as it is to be submitted to JDE, but I think JDE modifies it at deployment. We'll just need to see what we can do about it ;-)

Keep looking for updates.

PS: It's generally quicker to contact us directly.
Yes, it's as I thought: the page you see is basically what the standard Generator would produce, so that's not a bug as such.
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