Dynamically change OCM data source



I have a situation for which I am looking for a solution. We have a custom Application on top of F0911. We have a copy of the F0911 in both the regular environment as well as a special environment. Under certain "special" circumstances, we would like to override the Primary data source of the Table so that it points to the Special environment even though we are in the standard environment. This has to be isolated to the application only. Under all other situations, the table would be pointing to the standard Data Source as it is setup in OCM.

How can I achieve this?

Since the OCM is loaded into memory both on the client and the app server side, you cannot "change" this mapping within a session easily.

A simpler method is to create two different user ID's - one with an OCM pointing to one datasource, the other pointing to another.

Alternatively, there MIGHT be ways based on your database type - but I wouldn't recommend it at ALL ! However, since you haven't told us what database you're using - its a moot point.
Thank you all. We are trying to avoid multiple user ids as we have gotten burnt in the past maintaining those.

Jon, for Database Type, we have SQL Server.

Sounds like "When Auditors show up, switch to special set of books" ;)
You can control this inside the app using a table handle to control which environment / data source to use for the table.
Why now have two tabs in same appliation one with Current env and other with Special env?.