Duplicate records caused by dcLINK business functions

Michelle D.

Active Member
Hi list,
We are seeing duplicate transactions when using the following functions:

ND3N4113 dcLINK Interface - Inventory Transfers
ND3N4205 dcLINK Interface - Shipment Confirmation

This does not happen all of the time, but it shouldn't be happening at all!

Anyone else having this issue?

Thank you!

Can you be more specific? What do you mean exactly? Your subject refers to duplicate records. Your text refers to duplicate transactions.

To answer your question...No, it shouldn't just create duplicate/multiple transactions for a single request to one of those functions.

Are you calling the DSI functions from a scanner/gun (ie using the DSI trancollector tool)?
If so, have you checked the DSI transaction log to see if there is only 1 transaction coming out of DSI?
Does it happen every time those functions are called?

There are some troubleshooting things you can do, but you've not provided enough info for anyone on here to help.