Discount Due Date in AP


In my World A7.3 database, all my DISCOUNT DUE DATES (RPDDNJ in F0411) are 0!?! Can anyone explain this to me? My payment terms are set up correctly (I think) and there are amounts in the DISCOUNT AVAILABLE and DISCOUNT TAKEN fields. Does this field get reset to 0 once the date has been passed and no discount was taken? Is there some setup problem that I don't know about? Ugghh!

Any information on this is appreciated,
Jill MacLaurin
I think that JDE only uses the due date field. If you look at one of
your records with discounts, and calculate invoice date + the discount days,
I think that is what you will find in your due date. At least that is what
I see here. I also do not see any values in my discount due date field.
Had not really paid attention to that until now. Quite interesting that JDE
works this way.

John Dickey
White Rodgers IS
I recall a pile of SAR's I had to apply to cume 11 (not sure what you are at) that sound familar to this problem. It caused havoc with check writing as I recall. The SAR #'s I have that you might want to check out are 4133151, 3643757, 4306023, and 2594990. Hope it helps?

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, V4R5 (not happy)