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Different Time Zones


We have divisions in different time zones in the U.S. There is a possibility that we will be bringing on to our AS/400 some of our divisions around the world.

Have any of you been able to figure out a way to 1) show the local time in other time zones, and 2) put the local time in the files in the TDAY field (Time of Day). It would be a benefit for the various divisions to not have to add / subtract hours when they are looking at a time.
We had this problem for work orders, invoices, and time entry applications
all running as part of a POS system. We solved it by creating a UDC table,
putting an entry in the table for each time zone (two entries if some
locations in the time zone don't observe Daylight Savings Time), then coding
the location's cost center master record to point to the appropriate UDC
table entry.

At run-time, a subprogram determines the correct date and time for the
location based upon the current system date/time and the UDC table entry for
the time zone of the location. We had to modify the individual programs
where this was a needed (could not do it "systemwide" with a silver bullet).

A caveat -- you may not want to record the local date/time in the JDE
date/time fields, as this could be confusing when you try to determine when
records were updated (such as by batch update programs that cross location
boundaries)...that's up to you. We have separate date/time fields for local
date/time, and use system date/time for the JDE fields.

The JDE menu still displays system date/time, however...

Mike McIntire
Dynamic Systems Solutions, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL

Re: RE: Different Time Zones

Have either of you tried to apply the OS400 multiple time zone feature in V5R1 ? I hear that this works quite well (from IBM) but can find no one that has taken this further. I am researching a pan-european multi-language/-time zone/-character set project - any input welcome ! Thanks in advance.

Simon Hartland