E9.2 Dev Full Clients setup and Snapshot


I recently started working for a family-owned company, whose CNC administrators do things differently than what I'm accustomed to. We only have 1 instance of JDE, but we developers are forced to use Snapshot to swap between DV and PY full clients. I never had to do this at any other company I've worked for.

As an experiment, I extracted my DV920 folders from the saved Snapshot folder and put them under the same E920 folder that has my PY920. Then, I updated my ini's to use DV920, PY920. It almost works perfectly. I can simply log in to either environment and do all my development tasks in both without using Snapshot. Even webdev works in both. However, I have problems with accepting deployed packages. I think it has something to do with how CNC setup Local databases.

My CNC guys don't understand why I'm complaining about Snapshot. They think all companies use Snapshot to swap between environments. Is anyone familiar with this setup issue? How difficult is it to change or setup so that developers can stop using Snapshot?
Hi MtnDewer, I would follow your CNC's recommendation. There's several settings in the various INI and other files (jde.ini, Jas.ini, jdbj.ini to name a few) that are environment specific. Your deployed package woes especially would likely be one of them since you might be trying to merge a package having a parent full package that can't be found if your local DB is specified incorrectly. And having different features or even tools releases between environments could cause any number of other subtle problems.
MtnDewer, I agree with Kim, If you want CNC support, you'll need to do it their way. While we don't use snapshot here, it is a best practice for the exact reasons that Kim gave.

The reason why the packages wont accept is because the snapshot process detaches the local spec DB and hence, the update package will not install since the parent package specs are not to be found. Personally, I prefer the way of switching the ini's (jde, jas, jdbj, interop) using scripts when switching between environments.
Technically Kim and Tom are correct. That said, I haven't used snapshot since XE days. Since TR 8.98 I've been using batch scripts to copy the correct ini files for each environment as needed. It's not difficult to set up, you just have to take the time to go through each ini file. As for your update package issue, you can't simply just copy the folders as glen alluded to. You need to install the full package so the local db gets updated, then you should be able to take update packages after that and switch the ini files as needed.
Echoing what David and Glen mentioned. While SnapShot is the officially recommended route from Oracle, its a pain to maintain. The batch script route is much easier
Totally agree with Glen, David and ice_cube210. I also run a batch script myself when I launch Solution Explorer. I didn't want to over-complicate my initial response, since if you're in a shop that has a clear separation of duty policy between developer and CNC, you will need that CNC's help to implement a batch script solution. And to maintain it - for example, Oracle made changes in the local web dev between tools 9.1 to 9.2 where some of the ini and the jdelog.properties files are located.
Developer here.
Since we don't develop in PY I have no need for a PY Full Clent. All testing in PY takes place on the Web / batch servers.