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Deploying IE via RDP


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Hello List

We are looking at rolling out E1 Web to our users who currently use Full client via Terminal Server.

We would like to roll the Web client out via Terminal Server (2003) without Citrix to keep the costs down. I would like some opinions on the best way to do this with regard to getting the best user experience. For example I have looked at using Internet Explorer with Kiosk mode but this has no easy way of closing the session RDP session without getting the Disconnect message. (Would be good if that message could be customised)

So maybe IE in Full screen mode would be best in which case can anybody recommend the best way to secure IE down so the URL bar and menus etc are disabled?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 2005


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All of those settings are essentially registry settings. You may be able to lock it down with either a local windows security policy, group policy (if you have Active directory) or just a reghack.

The exact settings will change based on the method you choose.