Deleting a Table Trigger?


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Hi All,

I have been working with a custom table trigger, writing ER code, compiling, and testing, and now want to delete it. In fact, I have promoted it to PY and back down. Interestingly, after clearing the ER, I can't compile the table triggers because there is no ER code, so how does the dll get cleared of the custom code? Has anyone encountered this before? I've searched and don't see anything on it.

Ben again...
Hi Ben,

I think you have to build a full package to remove the trigger code from the DLL (library). It shouldn't be called because the table specs don't have the hooks to execute the function, so it really shouldn't cause any problem. If you are still seeing the trigger being called, then it's another issue. There were issues in prior releases where the table specs were not updated in the serialized objects tables after adding a trigger.

As a work around, just put a comment line then it should be able to compile
From Oracle Support:

•In OMW, check out the table, go into Table Event Rule Design of the Table, delete all the event rules and save, check in the table.
•Delete all instances of Fxxxxx.c and Fxxxx.hxx on the deployment server. You can do a Windows search for these 2 files.
•Build a new full package.

It is not necessary to generate either the table or the indexes.