delete table trigger

  1. E9.2 WorkTable data delete on UKID and UPMJ

    Hi All, I'm working on purging the old worktable orphan records till the date = today's date - 2. I.e. all the records in table where Table.UPMJ <= (today's date - 2) i see that in delete table io we don't have option to use '<=' operator but only '='. Right now I'm thinking to create a...
  2. Deleting a Table Trigger?

    Hi All, I have been working with a custom table trigger, writing ER code, compiling, and testing, and now want to delete it. In fact, I have promoted it to PY and back down. Interestingly, after clearing the ER, I can't compile the table triggers because there is no ER code, so how does the...