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Delete Cycle Count


Active Member
Anyone knows how to delete Cycle Count entries by a cycle# please? We are on ERP 8.0



Just from online application P41240 using the cancel icon on exit bar or by SQL to delete the cycle count from table
F4140 & F4141


Active Member
There are a few ways, but it depends what you mean by deleting the entries.

In R41413 there is a processing option to delete the records when running an
update. This deletes the detail records.

If you cancel the cycle count entry through the row exit from P41240, it
doesn't delete them, but moves them to a status 60. This is done by cycle
count batch number.

Other than that, it would take a program to purge both the header and detail
records from the files F4140 and F4141 based on the status (header only)
and/or batch number.


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Anyone knows how to delete Cycle Count entries by a cycle# please? We are on
ERP 8.0



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