Delayed Ship Notice

Abir Mannan

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Just checking if anyone face this and what was the remedy.
If you change the Ship date 5 out of 10 lines of the order and want to send the re-acknowledgement. What do you do? This is not ASN.

Code change ? Order activity rule? or there are something out there to do this? we do not use transportation.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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We use the program that creates the Order Ack to update the F4211 records URCD with a flag to know that the original Order Ack has been created/sent. Then, we have a simple application over the sales orders to allow the customer service person to reset the flag (blank it out) on the lines that they want to resend or for the whole order if they need to send it again. The job that creates the Order Ack document only looks for SO lines where this URCD flag is set properly to generate the document. Otherwise, the lines are ignored if the flag is set as already created.