DBohner /Zoltán - UBE Section ID


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Thanks to Daniel Bohner and Zoltán Gyimesi for providing us with 2 ways of determining UBE Section ID's

1) Through RDA / ER Browser


Occasionally Event Rule code will not validate. The ER Validation only provides a really archaic text file containing something like:

/* CER ERROR #3003 : Unable to assign to data structure */
Function Name: S1_12_32
Function Description: ER for R58140174_+_S1_12_32
Section: S1 - Financial Reporting (F0901/F0902/F59006OD)
Event: 32 - (null)
Seq #: 4
Line #: 2
Line Text: ESUONLYReverseSignReportWriter
/* Attempt to map mnAmount( char* ) to MATH_NUMERIC in template D83000RS */

First we need to break-down what some of this means…
Function Description: ER for R58140174_+_S1_12_32
This line tells us that the error is located:
• In Report R58140174,
• In Section 1,
• In Object 12,
• In Event 32.
• Seq #: 4

Seq is the internal id-code for the line number of the error in the Event Rule

Now – you want to know what all that means … how do we actually get to the resolution…

Here’s how you identify the actual line of code (or the closest identifiable line):
• Go to the Design Tools for the Report/Object
• Under the Design Tools tab Press the ‘Browse Event Rules button
• Maximize the form (You do want to see as much real-estate as possible)
• Hover your mouse over any line on the screen
• When the menu appears - Select ‘Show Object IDs’
• Select any text on the screen
• Walk up/down the code – targeting the location of the bug (similar to the game Battleship)
Notice – on the bottom Left of the form… the Object ID information (similar to what you saw in that gross text file) will now appear. You will now be able to identify the horrific code that has been plaguing you for the last six weeks (or at least get close enough to it to lay out a strafing run)

2) Through Visual ER Compare

Start Visual ER Compare tool for the UBE and turn on "Show Object IDs" option under View > User Options. You can check Section IDs on the bottom bar of the tool screen.