Date in Future Fiscal Year


Hi All,

I am working in Prototype, just getting started on a B73.3.1 implementation on a TSE setup where the Enterprise Server is in the U.K. The U.K. companies have been setup and are operating okay. I came in and changed the current period for the U.S. company from July of 2000 to May of 2001. There were no transactions or balances for the U.S. company so I don't suppose I have to do an annual close to start out. I then changed the fiscal date pattern type to accommodate the 4-4-5 accounting they use here. I am able to generate plain journal entries with no errors or warnings on the dates.

When I entered a P.O. and processed through receiving, I got a PACO warning when processing the receipt that my date was in future year. I didn't worry too much about it right then, but then I wanted to reverse the receipt, and went to Receipts Inquiry, a straight inquiry didn't find my receipt, and when I changed the G/L date using the visual assist I got the warning again, and it won't find my receipt because the date is registering as invalid.

Any thoughts on this...



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