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Customer Hierarchy in JDE


I wanted to learn how JDE deals with Customer Hierarchy. WE have the Address book table wherein the parent child relationship is not clearly defined. Can anybody give suggestions on this or is there an inbuilt JDE functionality or tables which can handle this



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Some basic information on parent - child.........send me your email address if your require more information.

Form Name FormID Navigation Usage
Address Parent/Child
W0150A Address Book

Organizational Structure
(G01311), Structure
Click Add on theWork with
Parent/Child Structures form.
Create parent child
relationships among address
book records for suppliers,
customers, and so on.
WorkWith Distribution Lists W02150A Address Book
Organizational Structure
menu (G01311), Structure
Review the parents of a child
or all child relationship


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Hi Mansi ,

We can help you better if you post one example.

I hope you can also look at Address Book Who's Who feature.

The below text is from documentation ...

For each who's who record, you specify a type code that identifies the person's relationship with the address. For example, if you enter a person with whom you discuss billing information, you would enter type code B (billing) for that person. You can use a type code to specify which who's who entry to print on labels and to use for mailing addresses.

When you enter information for a who's who record, you also can create an organization structure that represents the relationship between address book numbers and who's who entries.
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