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Custom & simplified Inventory Transfer


I would like to know if anyone here made their own simplified inventory xfer program. I feel as if p4113 is a bit cumbersome and requires too much input for a simple transfer. Here is what I have so far.

I have a grid that uses v41021E showing only our Finished good items with lot numbers where qty on hand is > 0. This grid has a column for "Move To Location"
Basically it will allows users to filter their items & locations & find the item they wish to move. Once they filter the grid and get their item(s) they select the qty to move and set the location.
The select button then loops over all the rows and performs a manual Inventory transfer for any row where the "move to" is set & valid by updating the f41021, f40011 tables I am working on the f0911 update but there has to be an easier way.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


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I would strongly suggest against performing the table updates manually. If I understand your post, it appears you're looking for a simplified user interface and then trying to code the table updates yourself (as opposed to using the master business functions). This is not a good idea! There is a lot happening in those business functions and trying to short-cut around not having to use them is a bad approach. I am fully behind your idea to simplify the UI, but you should still be using the same bsfn's that P4113 uses.

If I am misunderstanding your post and you are not foregoing the standard BSFN's, then I apologize.
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JMR is correct. Your best bet is to create a wrapper bsfn that does all the work (calling MBFs) and call ur wrapper bsfn from a custom interactive program. If the inventory isn't serialized it's not that many pieces of data to keep track of.
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Hello Dexter,

Yes I have made a custom Inventory Transfer program. Not really simplified though :D

We here implemented a "Stage for Shipping" concept such that when our Shipping Dept is notified by the system when items on a Sales Order are finished and due to be shipped a pick notice is sent to the Stores Group (Keepers of Inventory). The Stores group physically moves the inventory to a "SHIP" location and records the transfer using a custom transfer program that is designed around the Sales Order and which fills in 90%+ of the information for them.

So it does all the functions of a transfer - USING the standard JDE BSFNS for Inventory transfer, just a different user interface.

My suggestion is you either code from scratch (looking closely at how P4113 does things) or copy/clone P4113 and just work to change/simplify the interface to your desired vision.
Thank you for all the input, I have a working version however I was doing so manually. I will be digging deeper into p4113 and trying to see which BSNFNS to use. Someone should create an Inventory Transfer BSNFN (With documentation please & thank you).
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Another option: if you use DSI in your organization, there are ND3Nxxxx business functions that could be very useful for your type of request. I am not sure what the licensing agreements are or if those functions automatically ship with E1. If they are on your system, I presume you can use them.