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Hi List,

Has anyone been able to successfully implement escalation in CSMS? I created a queue in Queue Revisions. I highlighted that queue and took row exit Workflow Group Revisions and used that queue number (parent number) and structure type WFS and clicked add. Group 1 is a distribution list (setup in address book with search type of M for Distribution list. Group 2 is also a distribution list. First Response has been selected for the parent. Group 1 distribution list has 2 people assigned to it as group 1. The message only goes to the first person. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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If you get any info about this from outside of the list could you please share it with the group?


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Hi Cheryl,

Are you talking about process CALLESCAL ?

It might be useful to look into the process activity monitor and identify
what activity have been completed and where the message has been sent.
That kind of issue also occurs where the recipient condition to have the
message sent to the list is not met - then the message goes to the 'message
receiver' ( see value passed into the message activity).
In that case the recipient condition wont appear in the process activity

Hope it will help.

Do not hesitate to contact me if it still does not work or you have further

Kind regards.

Re: RE: CSMS Workflow Escalation

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thanks for the response! I checked the process activity monitor. I have the SENDMSG going to a distribution list, yet group 1 of the list does not get the message. Am I misunderstanding how the distribution list works, or should it not go to group level 1? According to the section "Managing the Call Work Center" guide, escalation to multiple people will not work unless a distribution list is used. Obviously, I am missing something. When I use a distribution list with only one group level (two people), they both get a message in their work center (first person gets a full message, the second person gets a flash only), but it does not escalate to the next group. I am sure it is in the setup....but I have not figured out where the problem is.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



ES - AS/400
Deployment - NT
Citrix WTS
Xe 14.1