Crystal Reports 2013/16 crashes trying to use XI R2 reports w/ JDE connection


Is anyone out there using SAP's Crystal Reports 2013/2016 with included JD Edwards connection type reporting? We have XI R2 reports that work with the (then) Business Objects connection type and necessary E1 .jar files. However 2013/16 crashes when trying to open these reports. Also, I can create a NEW report in 2013/16 with the JD Edwards connection, however once Crystal Reports is closed and re-opened, Crystal will crash trying to load those same reports...that worked only minutes before.

I cannot find good info on Oracle's site or SAP's...looking to this community for any possible help.

We are on E1 8.12, tools 8.98.
iSeries / Websphere.




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Sorry Chris,

while we use Crystal extensively against our JDE database with BO Edge 4.1 we avoided the JD Edwards Connections like the plague.
I very much doubt that you'll find anyone supporting those today with updates. It became dead as soon as SAP bought Business Objects.

Suggest you begin a migration process to point your reports directly at the database ...