E9.2 Creating Form Request for Power Edit Form


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Hello Everyone,

We have an existing Power Edit Application which creates records in Header -Detail custom tables F55001H and F55001D. This are Custom sales order header details and we receive this data from 3rd party application. Now we are automating this process, but creating an Orchestrator and exposing it as REST API for the 3rd to directly create records in Custom tables.

I have created Form Request using Process Recorder. However when I try to change this Form Request for adding an field etc it doesnot allow me to save.

1. Can we create a Form Request on Power Edit forms with 2 business view and sub form attached.
2. Process Record creates the form request. But if we want to modify this form request it doesnot allow to SAVE. Is this because the Grid is another Subform with different business view and header is another view. This issue does not repeat with other forms.

Any help is appreciated. We are on version.

AIS Logs:


23 Dec 2020 21:49:11,328 [MANDATORY] - [MANAGEMENT] xx TESTING Corrective Action :[This message was sent by an administrator using the SCF management console.]

23 Dec 2020 21:49:23,327 [WARN ] xxx[AIS] UDOUtilites:saveUDO com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.MismatchedInputException: Cannot deserialize instance of `java.lang.String` out of START_OBJECT token

at [Source: (String)"{"appStack":true,"returnFromAllForms":true,"locale":"en","serviceRequestSteps":[{"type":"formRequest","appOID":"P55001_W55001E","formTitle":"Work with Clinical Order HEADER","enableAsyncEvents":false,"outputType":"GRID_DATA","pageSize":0,"maxPageSize":0,"allowCache":false,"forceUpdate":false,"cacheTime":0,"version":"US0001","bypassER":true,"turboMode":"Low","queryObjectName":"_AllRecords","stopOnWarning":"false","bypassFormServiceEREvent":"true","formActions":[{"action":"DoAction","title":"Add"[truncated 2556 chars]; line: 1, column: 1928] (through reference chain: com.oracle.e1.rest.orchestrator.ServiceRequest["serviceRequestSteps"]->java.util.ArrayList[1]->com.oracle.e1.rest.orchestrator.ServiceRequest$FormRequest["formActions"]->java.util.ArrayList[4]->com.oracle.e1.rest.orchestrator.Input["defaultValue"]->com.oracle.e1.rest.orchestrator.InputValue["value"])

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1. Yes. I have created many orchestrations over Power Forms.
2. I have noticed some issue with the process recorder and grids in general. I would recommend creating the same form request manually without the process recorder. Also, make sure you turn on "Bypass Form Processing". If you do those two things you should be able to get this to work.

I started creating an Orchestrator to upload a PDF file. I am using REST API as per link - /file/upload https://docs.oracle.com/en/applicat...product/9.2/rest-api/op-file-upload-post.html

Step 1 - I have created a connector to request for token => Request a Token v1 - POST - /tokenrequest. This works and token is retrieved.


Step 2: I have created second connector to upload the media object. I am stuck at point, how do i send the token from first connector output to second connector.
When i manually paste the token from first connector to second, it gives me error "External Generic call failed"

Your help is highly appreciated.