1. E8.11 JD Edwards Solutions Explorer (Error: General Error in method, Save)

    Hello JDE community, Well, I have a problem with JDE when saving some reports that are going to move to 9.2, but the problem arises because the reports (UBE) as well as their versions (UBEVER) does not let me save them where I tried to copy them and the problem persists (Error: General Error in...
  2. E9.2 Creating Form Request for Power Edit Form

    Hello Everyone, We have an existing Power Edit Application which creates records in Header -Detail custom tables F55001H and F55001D. This are Custom sales order header details and we receive this data from 3rd party application. Now we are automating this process, but creating an...
  3. Data Model save question

    Very new to BIP. As part of a Oracle Lending/Leasing install, we will be adding BIP to the mix. I am currently doing very preliminary work using the trail version while licensing, config, and install are being worked out. I was running through the BIP tutorial and had gotten to the point of...
  4. Purchase order print to PDF- use the PO number as file name

    Hi, I am not a developer but I have a development question. We have JDE E09. I want to save the pdf output from a Purchase order automatically with the PO number. I have been told that it cannot be done. I do not believe this. Can anyone help? Thanks, Daithi