Creating a Subsystem Job


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This might sound a bit basic, but here I go. I have created a batch
application that reads in data from an interface file and processes the data
into OW. The data is added to the file via an ODBC connection to the file
from an external application.

What I have been asked to do is run this job as a subsystem job to wake up
every five minutes and pull data from the file to process into OW.

The UBE has no report interconnect data structure, processing options, and
uses a single view. What do I need to do in order to make this a subsystem

Mark Smith

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First I have to warn you that I have not done this before. I have just
spent hours trouble shooting these types of things... So you need to
discount my answer.

Basically you need the application that uses ODBC currently to write a
record (an "R" record) to the F986113 file. When it writes it, it needs to
conform to the data structure that you will reference in your UBE.

Then you change your UBE under Advanced (within RDA) to be a subsystem job.
I would guess that you reference the same data structure in here.

Then you submit your UBE. It will create an "S" record in the F986113 for
itself, and it will go into a mode where it wakes up and looks for an "R"
record in the F986113 which conforms to its parameters (job name,
environment, etc.) and tells it that it needs to process. The blob on that
file can contain data (in the format of the data structure) that can be used
by the UBE to process a specific order (or whatever you want to put in the
data structure).

So when your ODBC (external job) writes a F986113 R record, it will wake up
the UBE to process the data.

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