Create!Form V2.8 Issue


We are using Create!form version 2.8 for the iSeries (Systemi, AS/400). One of our JDE users in Singapore recently received the following error when their AS400 spool file was directed to a Create!form output queue.

ERROR: invalidaccess
OFFENDING COMMAND: setsystemparams [73657473797374656D706172616D73]

The physical printer attached to that output queue had been an HPLJ 4250N but has been replaced with an HPLJ CM6040MFP.

I recall that Bottomline had mentioned to me that any printer for Create!form versions 2.7 & 2.8 had to be Postscript level 3 capable.

Appreciate any and all assistance to resolve this issue.

Thanks and regards,
John Curry
I'm not sure why BT support would say the printer must be "PostScript Level 3". I don't think that is the problem, the printer is recognizing the PS job stream that is getting sent to it (thus the PS error page you are getting).

Can you print a different spool file/FormType to the printer? Maybe there is something in the configuration of that job that is trying to get resources from the printer (tray selection or memory/HD resources)?

When you swapped the printer did you end the AS/400 writer and restart to cause Cform software on the AS/400 to go through it's normal start-up routine?