E9.2 country setup in JDE



How we can setup the countries in JDE (PY/DV). what parameters do we need to setup like tables or anything else. and which table do we need. could you please help with the setup steps.

actually the countries are already setup in SAP and we need to pull those and setup in JDE.
The question you are asking is either very precise (Where do I load the country list in JDE?) which Rauf answered, or very vague (How do I roll out JDE in a new country?).

Rolling out JDE in a new country, switching from SAP to JDE is a big project. If this is what you are getting at, I recommend you work with a good group of consultants with experience rolling out JDE in the country you want. It is something too big to be answered in a simple post here.

If knowing what UDC to load the list of countries into isn't enough, maybe you can give us an example of what kind of country data you are trying to load. Then we might be able to direct you to additional places to set up data.