Copy Bank tape to tape (P0457)


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I have a question from one my developers. They are trying to set up the Copy
Bank tape to tape (P0457) and the items in the exit row are not available. My
question is are there any setups that have to be done before they can use this
feature. I check on the KG and could not find anything.

Thank You

CO - AS/400
ES - AS/400 V4R5M0 820 and 840
XE SP13.1


Dear Ellen,

Please refer SAR 2139495. According to a document on Electronic Funds Transfer in KG, there is currently no interface program in Xe to perform the copy bank tape file to file. You need to write a program to do this. The exit bar buttons - tape or cassette will not work. However, the Approve button will work if you set up the processing options.

Hope this help.