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Copy a form in the same application...


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Is it possible to copy an entire form within the same application? I need to make a copy of P43008 | W43008C but limit some of the functionality (need to make the new form Read Only)



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I honestly don't know if you can or not . . . but why do it? Particularly if its a standard JDE app.
Just copy the form into a new custom app, that you can link to from the original app.


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Larry suggested you copy the form you want to a custom application. This approach will help your future E1 upgrade, because all your custom objects will be upgraded without a problem, versus vanilla object (that is Oracle's original object) which will be erased, and added, therefore your form will be deleted, thus lost, and you will have to re-create it

PS Recreating a form is "a bit" more complicated than just calling it, from wherever you want