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We are currently on JDE B733.1 and am considering converting to XE however we would like to know what everyone thinks about XE compared to B733.1. We have heard that the report writer is better as well as other things. I would like some of your thoughts about XE. And if anyone is located in Michigan or Ohio that would let me come and look at the functionallity of XE. B733.1 did not live up to what was expected. We hope that XE will.

Dave Fox
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don't get your hopes up.
XE has changed several things, some for the better, some worse.

1. Security/Menus can now better restrict versions and determine who can change data selection and/or processing option values. This was good.

2. XE no longer retains individual users last data selection values for a version. This was supposedly changed to benefit Citrix users. Our users (all FAT clients) universally despise this change.

3. The Report Writer (RDA) is certainly no better in my opinion. There are 1 or 2 minor features that are nice to have (Page 1 of X). This is balanced though by constantly being forced to save the report while in design mode - you are forced to commit your latest changes whether you want to or not.

4. The Object Manager Workbench (OMW) replaces the Object Librarian, Object Transfer, and other functions. Some like it, some don't. It is certainly more complex to setup and use than its predecessors.

5. MRP runs much faster than B733.1 (runs in less than 1/2 the time of B733.1).

All of these points are moot however when you consider that JDE is dropping support for B733.1 as of March 2002.


Larry Jones
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