Configurator Cache Update BSFN B3202660 SegmentValueCacheUpdate


Hi All,
Has anyone used BSFN B3202660 SegmentValueCacheUpdate. I am attempting to update the configuration cache to no avail. Would appreciate advice on correct parameters to pass into this business function.
I am doing this in E920 retrofitting from 812. The configuration has changed a bit in 92 so I am having to tweek the retrofit and therefore thinking I could do it by using the update cache bsfn.
The reason I am updating the cache is because we pick up a configuration string for a selected item configuration. The same configuration then needs to be run and stored (behind the scenes) for the same segment choices except the first segment which is changed for each currency held in a UDC. Each configuration, (the same except for the currency change) is then stored in a table and the same item number assigned to it. We then use this in Sales Order Entry to assign the relevant item number. JDE would otherwise assign a separate item number for each currency configuration. We then assign the configuration to future orders using our stored configurations for each currency.

I would like to update the segment and then run B3202300 Load Component Data for each currency configuration to return the relevant Configuration String CFGSID.
Here is an example of parameters being passed in. I am unable to update the segement in cache and the Load COmponent Data returns the configuration for the item with a blank segement 5 currency code.
I have also noted that in 812 the bsfn B3202300 UpdateSegmentCache exists as it does in 920 - for my purpose I am assuming I should be using the 92 bsfn B3202660 as above.
0064 Segment Value Cache Update
"1" -> BF nIndexNumber
<Zero> -> BF nNumberOfKeys
VA frm_mnJobnumberA_JOBS -> BF mnJobNumber
GC Component Sequence Id -> BF szComponentSequenceId
"5" -> BF mnSegmentNumber
VA frm_szCurrency_KY_MOD -> BF szSegmentValue
GC Seg Val -> BF cSegmentValid
"1" -> BF cSaveSegment
0065 Load Component Data
"D3202300F" -> BF szDataStructureTemplate
"1" -> BF nIndexNumber
"2" -> BF nNumberOfKeys
<Zero> -> BF cReturnCursor
"1" -> BF cSuppressErrorMessage
VA frm_mnConfigIDNumber_CFGID -> BF mnConfigurationIDNumber
"1" -> BF szComponentSequenceId
VA frm_szStoreLinkedList_CFGSID <- BF szUniqueConfigurationID
VA frm_mnJobnumberA_JOBS -> BF mnJobNumber
0066 VA frm_szLinkedList_APTA = VA frm_szStoreLinkedList_CFGSID

Any help on parameters or advice on correct use of this bsfn would be much appreciated.