Comparing tables between environments

Frosty the Coder

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Every quarter we refresh PY data from production.
We then apply any DV table changes to PY.

I'd like to write a UBE that can compare the F9871* tables
between "login environment" and "p/opt'd environment".
This would allow us to find those tables that we've overlooked.

I remember using HANDLES to do something similar in the B73x days.
I believe I had to create the HANDLES as DD items, tied to specific tables.
I also think I did this code in a table conversion.

Am I correct in that one can use handles to compare between environments?
Am I correct in needing to create these as DD items?
Can this be done in a UBE rather than a TC?

YES, I AM BEING EFFORT-EFFICIENT (aka LAZY) in asking before digging.
As a coder, I am naturally "effort efficient".
"Jogging my memory" is likely to pull a brain-muscle.

Please AND Thanks
So, you want the tables in PY (post refresh from PD) whose specs are different from the table specs in DV? If so, you can use R9698711 to do that (review/set the processing options for data source/path code).
Not sure why you do the reverse comparision as the changes always flow from DV to PD?. Looks like your installlation has the changes done without any tracking?.