Close a PO line with remaining open Qty


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This has got to be a dumb question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, even the documentation.

I've got some PO lines that have some remaining qty/amount because they were partially received. As it turns out, they are never going to get the remaining qty and want to close the PO lines of outstanding qty/amount.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how. I've Cancelled lines before that were never received on and that is no problem but I don't think I want to "Cancel" these lines now? Or does that serve the same function at this point? It didn't sound right...

I did read about closing the lines through Voucher Match (with a 9) but why would I be going through Voucher Match to close lines on a PO that I will never voucher in the first place? That had me confused.

Terry DeMoure

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Not a stupid question at all. It was a stupid question when I asked JDE in Denver eight years ago the same question. lol

If you do not use the Receipt Option 7 when receiving the purchase order detail line in P4312, which closes the purchase order line (short if applicable) then the proper way to close the purchase order detail line, with an open quantity, is to simply Row Exit Cancel. This will close out the detail line properly.


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Thanks for the reminder both of you. I got it now and have no idea why I forgot. Early onset Alzheimers, I'm sure, or just too many irons in the fire anymore. Can't know everything! Thanks again.


But when you do Row exit --> cancel, it updates status to 980/999. I want to close remainder without indicating the PO has been cancelled.



You can close it on PO receipts (P4312) with option 9
I remember when we cancel the remaining qty in the PO, line use to split with qty's received and cancelled qty with 980/999 status. I am not seeing that... what could be the reason, is it set up?