Citrix and PDF's


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Citrix and PDF\'s

I have a W95 thin client that is having troubles printing PDF reports from OneWorld. When they view the PDF, it looks fine, but when they print the PDF, it prints block characters and is not readable. I can print the same report from my FAT clients (win2000) and it works fine. I can print from other thin clients and it also works fine. I noticed that I can fix the printing on this thin client by selecting the "print as image" option, prior to printing. I don't know why I have the problem on this client and not others and I don't know how to make this option the default for this client. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

We are running Citrix on a Win2000 server.

Ryan Allen

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Re: Citrix and PDF\'s


I have seen this many times with Adobe 4.0 on Citrix. Try either
downgrading to Adobe 3 or upgrading to 5.0. Both of these seem to fix the



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Re: Citrix and PDF\'s

Microsoft has a fix for this on win2k & nt4 tse (q267896)
However we had some issues with this hotfix (random bsod's in win32k.sys) and had to remove the hotfix and go back to using the 'print as image' option.
We use a single mandatory terminal server profile for all of our users of JDE on Citrix and I make the change on that single profile and then the users have the change automatically.
I have heard mixed reviews on Adobe 5 on Citrix. Some people have had success in fixing this issue others have not. Adobe 3 does not have this problem, or so I have heard, however I have never verified this myself.

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