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Hi everyone. This is my first post so I hope this is not too repetitious for many of you.

We are in the testing phase of OneWorld (B7333 Service Pack 15.1) using Citrix (version 6.00.910). My problem is this:
When I execute versions it automatically bypasses the screen in which we can "view on-screen" or "print" and will not allow me to view it in Adobe. It must be submitted to print first then reviewed in Adobe from the print queue. Is this a limitation of Citrix or am I missing something? I hope this is not something we will have to live with!!
Our 'sandbox' client allows us to view on screen 'or' submit to a printer.

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Citrix will not let you run UBE locally because Citrix supposely process
everything on the Enterprise server that why it will not allow you to run
UBE locally.

Thai Nguyen
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If you map the UBE to LOCAL in the OCM, does you also have to set something in Citrix to allow the UBE to run Local?

What problems might this cause? Just curious about your warning.

Vicki Hedrick
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when you submit a UBE it may run locally or on your server.
Whenever you see to "On screen, on printer" screen you are about to run the UBE locally. If you chose "On screen" acrobat will open automatically after the UBE finishes.

When you get the "Select Printer" screen you are about to send the UBE to a server for execution. The job then goes into an execution queue (not a print queue, as you wrote). When it is done, you can view the output with Acrobat on your workstation. At that moment you can print the result locally on your WS's printer. So selecting a printer does not mean that the job will be printed automatically on that printer.

When you run OW on Citrix you usually use a 'W'-environment in which all UBE's are redirected to automatically run on the server. On a fat client you may or not redirect UBE's to the server.

Hope this helped, Gerd

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Are you map UBE to run local on the OCM under "W" environment or you do it
across the board. If you do it across the board then every UBE will run
locally and you will have a lot of problem in Accounting Posting.
I am also very curious. I know that you cannot run anything locally on
Citrix, that what JDE told me when I took the class. Maybe Xe has something
new I do not know.

Thai Nguyen
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Hi Vicki

No - if you map a UBE to "LOCAL" - the datasource "LOCAL" is hardcoded so it will _always_ work on the "LOCAL" box (ie itself). You do not have to change anything.

My warning is due more to where the output goes since it does not go to a nice Queue like on the server. If you have 3 Citrix boxes (A, B and C) - when a user logs into A and runs a batch process - the output .PDF is stored locally on A in the PrintQueue directory. When they connect through to a Published Application the following day - they only have a 1 in 3 chance of connecting back to the A ! Therefore they ring up and complain bitterly that they can't find their output.

Of course, the way around this is to map all 3 citrix "PrintQueue" drives using a UNC name to a standard shared directory. This would mean that all users see all jobs (nice)

Lastly - be careful of CPU hogging. UBE's use up a lot of CPU and if 2 users submit a UBE on the same dual processor Citrix server - all the other connected users would s l o w down !

Hope that explains all. Some jobs - depending on what you are using as platform / database - do work better when submitted "locally" on the NT Citrix servers - and it does mean you're using that CPU power !

Jon Steel

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