Changing processing options on job automatically submitted on the AS400


We have a specific report (A/R Statistical History - R03B16) that we need to change the processing options on monthly. The report only runs for whole periods, so if we want the invoices in the current period to be picked up by the report the processing option has to be changed to the first date of the next period... my thought was that every month we would modify the processing option date by pretending to run the report with the new processing options and then cancelling out before the job is actually submitted. Then when the report is run at night, I thought the AS400 would kick off the version and the new processing option would be there. I don't know if this work or if there is even a way to change the processing options on the fly for automatically submitted reports. We don't want to have to run this report during the day. Please advise.

Heather Phillips
OneWorld Xe Base, SP21, AS400, Citrix
When a job is submitted, it create a record in the F986110 table. The processing options and DS of the job are stored into a BLOB field JCSRVBLOBA... it's not updatable using SQL.
my suggestion is to use the scheduler, you can submit a job and the time when the job must run, with the correct values stored in the PO, Data Selection and Data Sequence if necessary.

Hope this help.
When a job is submitted on the server using the scheduler it will always run the report with the version specs that are currently on the server. There is no JITI involved because there is no client to JITI from. Therefore, you could submit the version the night before with the changed processing options using the "Submit version specs only" checkbox.

I've never done this, but in theory it should work.
I disagree with both Carlos and Paul.

What you are saying only applies to specs - Data Selections and Sequencing - which Processing Options are not.

It will work exactly the way Heather had suggested: PO's can be edited on a Version without submitting it (there's an Exit button for this, so you don't need to go half way through submitting it, just highlight the row and click on this Exit) and this will have an immediate effect on all other Clients and/or Servers.

PO's are coming straight from the database in all cases and are not cached anywhere in TAM files.

Alexander Pastuhov

I stand corrected. After reviewing the original question I somehow lost the fact that we were talking about a PO change and not a data selection change.
Alex and Paul,
The PO for a submitted job are stored into a BLOB files. This work different before SP 15. Review KG, because exists a SAR that changes this behavior of UBE.

For example, you have 5 jobs with one date in PO, if you submit this job to a thread (example a mono thread), the first will run, the other for will be in wait status, ok.
Imagine that the dates are 08/01/04, 08/02/04, 08/03/04, 08/04/04, 08/05/04, so we will have 5 different reports, is the PO values are not saved in BLOB data, the first will be 08/01/04, and the others will be 08/05/04 (instead of 08/02/04, 08/03/04, 08/04/04 and 08/05/05), that is incorrect.