Change Order Approval - Amount


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Hello all,

If I enter a Change Order for an existing Purchase Order, is there any way for the new approval to be based upon the changed amount, not the original PO amount?

For example, if there is a PO for $10,000 and I add a Change Order for $500 making the total $10,500, is there any way for re-approval to be for $500? It doesn't make sense requiring approval on the full amount if the change is so small.

Hope that made sense. I was hoping for a non customisation solution if there is one.

Many thanks!

No, in 8.9 and higher, the order approval is at the entire order level and not at the line level. So, even if Change Order processing is not used but a line is changed and reapproval is activated, the entire order goes back through approval process.

From Doc ID 625444.1:

EnterpriseOne 8.9 and later releases with the enhancement that was introduced, the next status code of ALL of the lines will be updated simultaneously. This reinforces the functionality that orders are approved at the entire order level and not at the individual line level. For example, a purchase order has been entered and approved and is now at the approved status (280). If there are changes to any of the critical fields on any combination of the lines, all of the detail lines will be sent back to the awaiting approval status (230). The functionality will be exactly the same if the order is beyond the approved status. This will force the entire order to be approved before any portion of it can be received or voucher matched. All lines that are not closed will be sent back through the approval process. Please note that we do not split lines when partial quantities are received, so the partial line is still open. This also gives the approver a quick way to see the whole order and know what they are truly approving.