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Change Management


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I'm not exactly sure of what you mean by "other aspects" and "...other than through JDE??" but if it is change management in general we have been using SoftLanding's TurnOver for over a year now. The are several other very good products that do very similiar things such as Aldon's CMS. Either product can/will manage, not only the promotions of regular and softcoded objects in the JDE DEV/TST/QA/PROD environments, but also other products and home-grown applications as well. I know for sure that TurnOver can also handle projects and objects in the IFS, i.e. Java. (Not sure of CMS because we don't have it, you would have to check if they do.)

If there is more to your question than that, could you expand on what you are looking for?

Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
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Sorry that I wasn't clear. I am looking for a total change management solution. Not only software develepoment but also system changes such as LAN/WAN, Email changes.

Does that help??

Thanks again!!