CF7-Use alternate spooling directory or just use regular print spooler

Cathy Wilbur

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For director and print queues defined should we be defining an alternate spooling directory (see attached) or just use regular print spooler? In CF3x and CF6x our alternate spooling directory was set to blank.

Some of the director queues we we keep output for 3 days then it gets deleted.

Have a special script on my current Createform server that reprocesses jobs from the print spooler if for some reason our email system is down when the email server tries to send them out. We try to resend the email output using our special script at 4am in morning.

Does anyone know if the print spooler logic works the same in CF7 and it did in CF3 and CF6? Assuming all spooled files get processed in the following directory just like before.

If this is the case then is there any reason for specifying an alternate spooling directory at all?

I looked at the new Createform server manual and I do not see much for Print Spooler logic if I need to reprocess email jobs for some reason.

We are very close to upgrading/going live with CF7 from CF3 & CF6. Just trying to upgrade some automatic scripts that run.


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