Carousel Application name blank if changed in ER


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Hi List,

I have a custom APPL and I have code in there to override and change the form name at run time. This works locally on the FAT but appears to be messed up on the server

The reason I rename the form is it can run in about 3 - 4 different modes. The users wanted to know what version they are in (as they are directed there rather than take a menu option) but I've noticed since coding the change in to override the form name, the name in the carousel has gone blank

Any ideas how to fix this?

00044 GetVersionTitle(N7409404.GetVersionTitle)
"P55NPI" -> szProgramId [PID]
SL VersionName -> szVersion [VERS]
VA frm_VersionTitle_JD [JD] <- szVersionTitle [JD]
00045 Set Form Title(VA frm_VersionTitle_JD [JD])


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