cant print out foreign language text in the PDF


Cant print out foreign language texts in PDF by running RTF using Report Definition. Does anybody know how it comes.
JDE fetches foreign languages and it comes in XML without any issue but it does not show in PDF print. It is shown as ???? symbol.
We added other languages in the system settings but still its not working.
Is it about the JDE system settings or PDF viewer settings?


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This will be font related in the embedded BI Publisher setup. Which language(s) are you trying to output where you are seeing the question marks instead of the text you expect?


languages using ; Chinese, Arabic...
??? seen in Pdf. When running the Report Definition it runs a rtf that connected to this Report definition and the output as pdf, in this pdf the foreign language as ???.


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If you are under Oracle Support do a My Oracle Support Search for keywords: E1 XMLP Font and you will find a number of support documents that talk about installing non-Western European fonts and how to use them correctly in the RTF template and install/configure them for embedded BI Publisher. The main support document you want is " E1: XMLP: How to Use Custom Fonts with Embedded Publisher for EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 652457.1)"

When you say you "added other languages in the system settings" what are you referring to? If you mean you added additional display languages or keyboard to Windows then this would not configure the fonts you need for Embedded BI Publisher.

What fonts are used in the RTF template? It would be unusual for a single font to cover Simplified or Traditional Chinese and Simplified Arabic. Are you using separate RTF templates by language? Keep in mind that the font that is used in the RTF template must match exactly what is installed/configured on the server for embedded BIP.

For example:

You have a BI Publisher Desktop client on a Windows machine where you are developing the RTF template(s)
You have a JDE Batch or Enterprise Server where the UBE runs and gets passed to embedded BI Publisher to create the PDF

If you producing a document for mainland China you would be using a Simplified Chinese font

In the above setup you would have to do the following:

1) Install a Simplified Chinese Font on the BI Publisher Desktop machine.
BI Publisher Desktop installs the Albany family of fonts:

Albany WT - Supported Unicode Languages including Arabic
Albany WT J - Japanese
Albany WT K - Korean
Albany WT SC - Simplified Chinese
Albany WT TC - Traditional Chinese

2) Create your template using MS Word BIP addin and referencing the appropriate Albany font from step #1 for the language of your template. As mentioned above, you would need separate RTF templates for Arabic and Chinese since the Chinese is using either Albany WT SC or Albany WT TC depending on whether your Chinese language requirement is for mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, etc.

3) Copy the Albany fonts from the BI Publisher Desktop into the JRE used by the JDE batch server (where embedded BI Publisher runs)

4) Configure the xdo.cfg file to register the fonts so that Embedded BIP is aware of them

Note: If you do not want to use and Albany font, keep in mind that most Windows True Type fonts are not licensed for use on a server to produce output in batch mode. BI Publisher ships with Albany to deal with this licensing. If you want to use Arial, MS Mincho or some other font you cannot legally copy them to the JDE batch server unless you pay a server license for them.


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I thought in some distant memory that I recall using Arial or Calibri in my template, when they are not configured for BI Pub, but the Albany fonts are installed for BIPub and configured, that BIPub auto-substitutes the correct Albany font based on Unicode range of the character data.

I might be remembering incorrectly, but I could swear that was how it worked once upon a time. I recall it didn't work in BIPub desktop, because that always found the Arial or Calibri font in the Windows system dir, but BIPub embedded on the EOne server did work when configured with the Albany fonts.

Maybe I'm mis-remembering.