E9.2 Cancel order, but unable to cancel due to Address type Invalid



Could you please help me out to cancel the order.
when i tried to cancel the order Sales order error throws like ' header (S421007A) Address type Invalid'.
Shipto address type is invalid but unable to change in header as well.
Just wanted to cancel the order instead of changing the customer master application/Row-> customer -> shipto.
Please help me out on this.
Thank you for your reply. :)
Hmmm, so the Ship To Address Type has been changed after the Order has been entered, right?

This is not something I have tested (perhaps JDE should check for open orders before allowing this), but can I suggest setting up a P4205 version to pickup your Order Status range and see if you can cancel that way? (....in the Ship Confirm Detail grid enter 0 in Shipped Qty and the Shipped Qty into the Cancelled Qty column)


Change the Ship To's Address Type back and cancel any open orders with that invalid Ship To using Order Entry/Maintenance - and then reset the Address Type when no open orders ;)