Can we identify which Item Group does an Item belong


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Hello Group,

Thanks for reading. I understand the Item group is defined based on Cat codes. When value of a particular cat code matches with Item Group definition the Item group is applied. This is done somewhere in during order entry F4211 Edit Line (maybe calling BSFN internally). Does any one know if any such JDE BSFN that can be used. If no in case any one has done it earlier any pointers. We are on E9.1.

In summary I need to pass to a BSFN an Item Number and BSFN returns which Item group it belongs. ( may be one or multiple).

Thanks for your help.
E 9.1, AS400
You can find out all the Item Groups an item belongs to by inquiring on F4102 (Item Branch) table using the item number and checking the Item Price Group (PRGR alias). Unfortunately, I am not aware of a BSFN that would do that. Maybe someone else can advise on this.