Discount Being Taken off of the Wrong Base Price


I'm running into a problem here. A customer is on two different adjustment names in advanced pricing. One discount is set up at the item number/customer group level. Customer also gets a discount off a particular product type. Discount is taken off of the base price and it is set up by product sub description code. The part applies to both adjustments. There is also a standard price entered in price master under a customer group. When an order is being entered it is taking 30% off of the price in the pricemaster. Then taking that amount and subtracting it from the price in advanced pricing. Hopefully an example makes it easier to follow.

Part # is 44555
Price in pricemaster- $2000
Price in advanced $1500
Discount on Product Type- 30%

JDE is taking 30% off of $2000, which is $600. It is then subtracting $600 from the $1500, which brings the total to $900. I want the discount to take %30 off of the $1500 price, which would make the price $1,050.00.

My understanding is that the price in advanced should become the new base price. I haven't come across a situation where it is taking the discount off of the price in pricemaster when there is a price in adv. pricing set up. Does anyone know why the discount is being taken off of the wrong base price? If you need more info to help please let me know. Thank you.