E9.1 Can an OD order type be reversed if the SD/SO has been processed by Sales Update?


Hello All,

I am facing a situation that I do not know if it is a standard behaviour or if I am missing something.

There is already a Direct Ship order process configured (with a SO/OD) and, for sure, with a line type D.

As soon as the order OD has been received and the SO already moved until after Sales Update, is it possible to revert the receive?

The sales order still on the F4211 (it has not been purged to F42119).

Is this only a matter of a wrong configuration? When we try to revert it by P43214, appears an error message complaining about a wrong status flow.

You are getting the error becuase your version of P4312 (PO Receipt) is trying to change the status on the corresponding sales order (SD or SO depending on your setup) so it can be invoiced. Since the sales order line has been processed by sales update and is now in A/R, you can not make changes to it.

Since the OD and the SD/SO need to stay in synch, if you need to make a change to the OD after the sales order has gone through sales update, you will have to do another process--like a reverse purchase order to get a credit from the supplier and then another type of purchase order to get the right "receipt" and able to voucher the supplier's invoice.

If your SD/SO has not been invoiced and sent to A/R through sales update, then you can reverse the OD and re-receive it correctly, but you may need to change the order activity rules for SD/D and/or SO/D to allow this to happen. When you reverse an OD and re-receive it, the last and next status on the corresponding sales order line will be equal--say, 580/580, so the order activity rules have to allow for that.