Calling RTE events using Custom BSFN


Hi ,

Requirement :For a custom table F55xxxxx, any insert/update /Delete events occur , a notification needs to be send in the JMS queue.

Approach : For this requirement the Idea was to create an custom RTE (Single) and wrap RTE logic in custom BSFN.The Custom BSFN will be called from table trigger event of Table F55xxxxx whenever there is insert/update. JDE API to be used for RTE init,add,finalize,free.

Query : I am not familiar with using API's jdeIEO_EventInit,jdeIEO_EventAdd ,jdeIEO_EventFinalize ,jdeIEO_EventFree . can any one let me know the syntax and the parameters that is to be used in these API so that I can align it to my requirement.

Thanks in Advance

Sreejith R